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“Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.” Antoine Laurent Lavoisier 

Upcycling has an immediacy about it, it is like a crazy imaginary magic wand that reshapes bits into something else, its about falling in love with a tiny cashmere scrap and configuring all the other scraps that can be joined together around it; it’s the first Cinderella dress, the one that the mice and the birds fashioned  out of the shadow of what was once cinderella’s mother’s gown; it’s the humor of twisting things into something other than what they were supposed to be in the first place.

It’s irreverent, it’s comical, it’s clever, it’s common sense. It is also very much a signature, a chosen journey, a design and lifestyle choice. Its pure creativity for some and way too limiting for others.

What we hope to achieve with Reclaim To Wear is to continue to raise awareness to this issue, whilst matching waste streams to their rightful designer: so we saw Livia Firth reach for the sumptuous vintage menswear silks end rolls in muted colours that are so part of her essential  beauty while the students from CSM were more drawn to scraps of neoprene, vibrant colour charts and a very weird slashed leatherette.

So, welcome to ……blog as is now.


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