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Donatelli Barigelli@ Cooperativa Rinascere

Donatella manages the Cooperativa Rinascere in Montecchio Maggiore near Vicenza in Italy, a non-profit organization that helps to rehabilitate disabled and disadvantaged individuals.
All began that day, while I was sitting at my desk at Miles, the company I used to work for. Orsola (Orsola de Castro, Creative Director Reclaim To Wear) and I were discussing on how amazing would be to produce her upcycled collection with a non-profit organization. Then Orsola looked at me with her calm and serene expression and told me “Donatella we just need a sewing machine and somebody who knows how to use it”. At that very moment I felt in love with her, as I had finally found in Orsola somebody who was more trusting than I was on the possibility of making things happen.
We presented the project at the Cooperativa, it was successful and from that moment I started organizing the work, and I carried on after I have been made redundant. So I spent my first year of unemployment in the Cooperativa basement, while they were doing restructuring work, getting all waste materials archived in boxes under colour, thickness, season… This was really crazy!!
Together with the professional organization I had also to rebuild my self-esteem. Every day, except Sunday, I had injections of “trust-enthusiasm-happiness-positivity”.
Little by little, through alternating moments of depression and deep frustration, I managed to reach my goal; after about three years the workshop is efficient and of high quality standards.

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