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Imogen’s experience at CSM

Central Saint Martins has offered me an ever changing experience. Firstly there is the new location in Kings Cross. This space has provided a new dynamic for students, it has created opportunities for great collaborations. However the the role of a student at CSM is ever changeable when nothing, but everything is expected of you. You make your own rules and standards, but they will be high. Central Saint Martins allows you to create your own reality. Project briefs are open to interpretation, particularly on my course, Fashion Communication and Promotion. I am encouraged to experiment with many mediums from film to graphics to installation. My time here has been about experimenting, about creating visuals which havent been seen before. With a saturated fashion industry, its all about breaking boundaries here. I am in my 2nd year and all projects are ‘real’, we are working with industry clients now. My current collaboration with sustainable Fashion designer Orsola de Castro who founded ‘From Somewhere’ has lead me to previously unimagined vistas; My promotional film includes an 81 year old model and a feral choir headed my experimental music pioneer Phil Minton. The freedom is endless.

Imogen Snell

(Student BA Fashion @ CSM)

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