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Reclaim To Wear by Central Saint Martins

A sustainable collection.   Aiming to develop eco-sustainability in fashion, students collaborate with Orsola de Castro, Creative Director of Reclaim To Wear, to create upcycled collection.

Ten teams from Central Saint Martins’ students (second year BA in Fashion with Marketing, Fashion Print, Knitwear Design and Communication and Promotion) encouraged by course director Willie Walters and briefed by eco-pioneer Orsola de Castro, are being challenged to make an upcycled capsule collection  by adopting the Reclaim To Wear’s method of producing clothes using the fashion industry’s surplus such as stock, remnants and off-cuts.  Thanks to the innovative spirit of Central Saint Martins, the next generation is trained to develop this sustainable and efficient method, to ensure that a large percentage of pre-consumer textile waste is re-used in a creative way and re-introduced into the market as a new, upcycled product.