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Topshop Reclaim To Wear: Sold-Out

Now that the Topshop Reclaim To Wear collection is done, dusted, and, most importantly SOLD OUT (within days I am told), I can finally sit and muse at the wonder of it all, and the little miracle that it turned out to be.

(image: Tara and Alice from Topshop working on design solutions)

First of all, what an amazing privilege to be allowed into the heart of Topshop designing, what a mind opening experience.

Second, what a brilliant team, what great people, what an absolute pleasure the whole thing was, since we first started planning it one year ago.

Difficult at times yet never depressing, I can honestly say that if all design teams were like this one, the world would already be a better place.

Design at its best: always looking for the right solution, never losing the objective, completely focused on making the best possible collection despite the inevitable complications and limitations that upcycling throws into the equation.

And, when something is made with love, as this collection truly was, it speaks.

We were inundated by comments and incredible feedback, especially on twitter and facebook, here are some quotes:

*And, as if by magic, @reclaimtowear launches collaboration with Topshop online. #askandyoushallreceive

*Cant wait to get my hands on @reclaimtowear @topshop #ecofriendly summer collection

*Can’t wait too see @Topshop collaboration with Reclaim To Wear

*Excited for the @reclaimtowear collection for @topshop – Upcycling at its best!

*Good to see @Topshop doing such a good thing with an ‘eco label’:

*OMG @Topshop’s Reclaim To Wear collection.

*@Topshop does sustainability. Reclaim to wear!

*@Topshop ‘Reclaim to Wear’, about time!

*We are in love with the Upcycling Collection by @topshop in collaboration with @reclaimtowear!

*This is my fave of @Topshop ‘s new Reclaim to Wear collection!

*Applause to you @Topshop @reclaimtowear another step in the right direction for #sustainablefashion

*The @topshop collaboration with @ reclaimtowear is online!

*Just saw the @Topshop Reclaim To Wear collection online. Really quite exciting. Looks fab.

*wow! @topshop intro’s upcycycled collection for summer and it’s soooo cute #sustainablefashion

Hundreds of more likes and retweets later, here is my personal favourite, from Alice, one of Topshop’s Reclaim To Wear designers:

*Wish I could have made it to celebrate with you, looking forward to doing it all over again! X

So am I.

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