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Hong Kong Design Institute Reclaim To Wear project

(Jo Lau Lecturer Dept. of Fashion & Image Design Hong Kong Design Institute)

The whole project is exciting and this is the first time for the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) to promote the whole fashion sustainability project to the public with the celebrity and the local designer – Prudence Mak of Chocolate Rain together with Orsola de Castro from London.

Over 30 students were involved in the Reclaim to Wear project for up cycling the textile waste into new clothing for 12 big figures and a 3M tall figure as well as a real person.

Students gained the valuable experience of working together with the Master in Up cycling Fashion – Orsola de Castro. Workshop and seminar with the sharing from Orsola de Castro and the Vice Chairman of Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium-Mr. Anderson Lee updated the current fashion sustainability development in the global fashion industry and students are motivated to be sustainable fashion designers.


Sharing from the Vice Chairman of Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium-  Mr. Anderson Lee on 09.Nov.2012 at Telford Plaza in Hong Kong.

Jo Lau and Mr. Anderson Lee, Vice Chairman of Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium.









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