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Reclaim To Wear in Hong Kong

Just after LWF Filippo and I went to Hong Kong, courtesy of Redress and the HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute), for a series of students workshops and industry events which kick started both the Eco Chic Design Awards and a new move towards sustainable design, in particular Pre Consumer waste upcycling, at the HKDI.

Considering that in Hong Kong alone, 234 tons of textile waste is landfilled each day, it seems like a good moment to start doing something about it.
And incredibly, at immense speed, the local industry is embracing new methods and exploring new solutions, with very exciting consequences.

One amazing example is a group of HKDI students who have started a collaboration with established local designers (such as long time upcyclist Prudence Mak from Chocolate Rain) and the Salvation Army to design and produce small accessories made exclusively with surplus materials such as knits and denim.

Also, judging by the overflowing amounts of entries for the Redress Eco Chic Design Awards (and the unexpectedly high attendance at our workshops), it looks like upcycling and zero waste have really hit a nerve with students and young designers in Hong Kong.

It very much feels that this is a new beginning, a start towards a more common sense approach to fast fashion and over production.
Of course, this is neither the overall solution nor the sole key to a new, improved fashion industry: but we are witnessing a massive shift, and it looks like it is of global proportions.

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