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Veronica Crespi in conversation with Orsola and Filippo about the Topshop Reclaim To Wear project


The big day is here, the capsule collection of Reclaim To Wear for Topshop is finally going live to the public.

Word has been out for a few weeks now, and pictures of the collection have been widely circulated. But for the first time, we get a real ‘behind the scenes’ of the collection, and hear from Orsola De Castro and Filippo Ricci, Creative Directors of RTW, what it was really like to work with high-street leaders Topshop.

Orsola, Filippo, are you excited for the launch? 

Absolutely! But for us, the excitement started much earlier, simply at the thought of being able to collaborate with Topshop.

Topshop have always been leaders and innovators, so as soon as the opportunity to work with them arose, we knew we were in for a great chance to produce something that would speak volumes.

 So why Topshop?

Particularly because of who the brand can speak to. They have a great following with the young public, so we finally had the chance to address a group of consumers that we really want to engage with.

We believe in creating a conversation with the younger generations – they are the ones that we want to be able to grow with a new sensibility towards sustainability. A view of sustainable fashion that’s linked to great design, and is fun to wear.

What was the designing process like? 

It was really enjoyable. At Topshop we found a design team that was really open, dedicated and enthusiastic. There was a lot of knowledge sharing: we brought our knowledge of upcycling to the table, and we mixed it with their ability to design pieces which are original and wearable. They are masters at nailing a look that will appeal to their customer base, but they also took on board our suggestions on how to work with reclaimed fabrics – and we can recognise a certain look in the collection, which is a reminder of what we’ve been doing with From Somewhere all these years.

How do you think the success of this collection will be measured? 

Like I said before, Topshop have always been pioneers in their field, so the fact that they took an interest in this venture is a success in its own right, one that shows how important the conversation on upcycling has become.

For Topshop to also become pioneers in upcycling, would mean a new opportunity for them to offer something new and exciting to their followers, and for upcycling to become the new buzzword in young fashion.

So do you think this collection can be the start of something? 

Definitely. We are poised to roll out this project onto new phases, to enable Topshop to produce more collections of this kind. Maybe incorporate more materials, or simply overcome the experimental phase and repeat the collection on a regular basis.For now, we’re thrilled for the launch of the first one! We enjoyed so much creating this line, can’t wait to see in the store tomorrow!

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