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Rediscovery – An alternative system to use our resources. Venice workshops session.

The scope of the project is to create connections, share ideas and promote creative sustainable solutions, to inspire a new generation.
By teaming up students from Italy and Egypt, of different abilities and with very different life experiences and expectations, we hope to foster empathy, responsibility and a shared commitment to sustainability.
By inviting emerging and established designers who are already practicing as well as teaching their upcycling techniques, we hope to inspire and demonstrate that sustainable innovation is happening as a viable industry model rendering efficiency and sustainability in the supply chain and, at its core, it has values that speaks of social justice and care for the environment.

A full two weeks of workshops, held on February 2017 at the IUAV University of Venice, for 14 students and practitioners, ( 5 from Egypt and 8 from Italy)  where they have been working on the development of a capsule collection entirely made with textile waste donated by regional industry partners.
During the two weeks participants received specific mentorship from IUAV professors, Reclaim To Wear associates, and international practitioner guests speakers.  Workshops topics were based on:

– Pre and Post consumer textile waste streams.
– Using pre-consumer textile waste.
– Post consumer garments deconstruction and reconstruction.
– Zero-waste pattern-cutting.
– The reuse of offcuts for accessories’ collections.
– Innovations in knitting and crochet -the use of alternative and/or recovered yarns.
– Design and pattern cutting techniques.
– Creative waste managing -the role of the creative waste engineer, an overview on industry strategies for upcycling and recycling.
– Specific marketing and communication strategies for sustainability in fashion.
– CSR and the supply chain.

Project has been developed in partnership with CottonForLife (Filmar s.p.a.), IUAV, FDC Cairo, and sponsored by Fondazione San Zeno e Alex Bank (Gruppo Intesa).