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The concept of Reclaim To Wear was first introduced by From Somewhere, the pioneering upcycling fashion label started in 1997 by Orsola de Castro and Filippo Ricci, as a way to design beautiful clothes made entirely from discarded materials and remnants, such as second hand clothing, vintage, stock, designer surplus and production off-cuts.
Reclaim To Wear offers upcycling design solutions to an environmental challenge, inspiring a shift towards a less wasteful, more efficient future where surplus fabrics and discarded clothes are transformed and redesigned to prolong their usage.
We develop methods for reclaiming that can be taught to anyone, anywhere, and can be used by individuals, small designers, brands, manufacturers, educators, students and communities.
We provide simple ideas and resources for longevity as well as elaborate sourcing & sorting  systems and cutting & sewing techniques to efficiently reuse materials, both at pre and post consumer level.
At a time when the fashion industry is producing over 100 billion garments of clothing a year, the majority of which remain unworn, unsold or landfilled or incinerated, we look at textile waste as a resource, taking the unwanted and making it desirable again – creatively, practically, at home or at scale.