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Hong Kong Design Institute Reclaim To Wear project

(Jo Lau Lecturer Dept. of Fashion & Image Design Hong Kong Design Institute) The whole project is exciting and this is the […]

Topshop Reclaim To Wear: Sold-Out

Now that the Topshop Reclaim To Wear collection is done, dusted, and, most importantly SOLD OUT (within days I am told), […]

Veronica Crespi in conversation with Orsola and Filippo about the Topshop Reclaim To Wear project

  The big day is here, the capsule collection of Reclaim To Wear for Topshop is finally going live to the […]

Copenhagen Fashion Summit

  The NICE Consumer Event in Copenhagen opened with the Pre Summit Workshops, a mega brainstorming event aimed at coming up […]

Reclaim To Wear in Hong Kong

Just after LWF Filippo and I went to Hong Kong, courtesy of Redress and the HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute), for […]

Maria Toro @ CSM on making the Third Collective film

When making the film, we aimed to bring a new perspective to our collection, develop a new idea that would make […]

Uscha Pohl on Turning Green

As Founder of VERY UP & CO, I started publishing the VERY Ecological Cities, part (eco) city guide, part map, part […]

Donatelli Barigelli@ Cooperativa Rinascere

Donatella manages the Cooperativa Rinascere in Montecchio Maggiore near Vicenza in Italy, a non-profit organization that helps to rehabilitate disabled and […]

Imogen’s experience at CSM

Central Saint Martins has offered me an ever changing experience. Firstly there is the new location in Kings Cross. This space […]


“Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.” Antoine Laurent Lavoisier  Upcycling has an immediacy about it, it is like a crazy imaginary magic wand […]