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Reclaim To Wear aims to act as a design standard of excellence, creating new opportunities for textile, fashion and retail companies to collaborate with key opinion makers and designers in order to up-cycle and re-use surplus waste and introduce creative design solutions to their waste management systems.

This can be done wherever there are textile mills and manufacturing units, or utilising specialised units already in existence, such as the Cooperativa Rinascere in Italy.

Reclaim To Wear creates connections between the industry and designers to recuperate textile surplus and is a way to model a new intelligent industry that performs sustainably alongside its mainstream counterpart.

Each collaboration is a tailor-made, bespoke project with a different outlook but a single goal: to up-cycle high  volumes of surplus and waste in the most creative and innovative way possible, and to set up a production system where textile surplus is addressed, organised and allocated before it becomes waste.

Companies involved in Reclaim To Wear projects will be supported and endorsed through a meaningful campaign via the website, illustrating the process behind their efforts in creating a zero waste product, with short films, clips, illustrations and other multimedia endeavours.